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13 December 2021
NSE - New Space Economy 2021 Virtual Brokerage Event

NSE - New Space Economy 2021

Virtual Brokerage Event 

NSE - New Space Economy 2021 Brokerage Event comes back for the 3rd edition, 100 % virtual. 

NSE is an international networking day targeting the new space economy and the new frontiers of the space industry, aimed at enhancing the Aerospace and Security production chain, in plenty of areas, applications and services that can be made available to citizenship, economy, society.

The space economy can be defined as “the full range of activities and the use of resources that create and provide value and benefits to human beings in the course of exploring, understanding, managing and utilising space" according to the OECD definition. 

The matchmaking event takes place in the framework of the 2021 edition of the NSE New Space Economy Expo Forum. Organized by Fondazione Amaldi and Fiera Roma, and endorsed by ASI - Italian Space Agency

The expoforum is organized with the support of Lazio area regional system, Lazio Innova and Unioncamere Lazio. Lazio is a virtuos Region as concerns Space activities: the presence of leading aerospace industries, together with high-tech, small and medium-sized enterprises, Universities and research centres and national and international institutions such as ASI and ESA (European Space Agency), strongly makes it a "Region of Space". Business Incubation Centres in the Region support the development of sustainable services utilising space assets and provide funding opportunities and mentorship programmes for high tech start-ups. Lazio region also hosts an Aerospace Technology District dedicated to the aerospace and defence sector and approximately 250 large, medium, and small enterprises operating in the sector.

NSE Brokerage Event 2021 aims to connects researchers and academic experts dealing with space economy, with companies, especially SMEs, which constitute the backbone of the EU economy. In a unique virtual place, the event links up space economy customers and space service providers, including not only the space manufacturing sector, but also comprising all space-derived products, services and knowledge. 

During the event it will be possible to interact with players to discuss present and future scenarios of the industrial sectors potentially involved in the new space economy. 

NSE Brokerage Event 2021 main areas:

  • Earth & Environment
  • Space-Based Data & ICT for Space Industry
  • Space Services
  • Space Industry
  • Healthcare

NSE Brokerage Event 2021 is addressed to:  

  • SMEs/Startups/Industries
  • R&D Institutions
  • Consultings 
  • Clusters/Technology/Science Parks
  • Investors /VC /Funds
  • Government /Local Authorities
  • Associations / Foundations
  • All players willing to sharing expertise, showcasing their products and technologies, offering strategic networking alliances and contributing to the development of the New Space Economy.
Closed since 12 December 2021
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Participants 134
Meetings 116
Italy 78
Greece 11
Ukraine 6
Portugal 5
Spain 5
France 5
Germany 4
Poland 4
Netherlands 4
Latvia 4
Czech Republic 2
Austria 2
Belgium 1
Mauritius 1
Romania 1
Luxembourg 1
Switzerland 1
South Africa 1
Ireland 1
Israel 1
United Kingdom 1
Total 139
Company (SME/Industry) 96
R&D Institution 14
Consulting 11
Other 5
Government 5
Authority / Agency 3
Association / Foundation 3
Investor /VC /Fund 2
Total 139
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After event 129
Total 3695